I love homes. They are sacred, personal spaces. a home touches our heart. homes are spaces of ritual; celebrating nature, structure, technology, time and space. You can also think of a home as series of personal events; sleep/wake, bathe, eat, entertain, relax, learn, evolve & love

Signature design

Singer is devoted to creating signature homes to nurture you & your family. The creative approach is centered around you and how you & your family function on daily basis; for generations. Singer is not about a particular style, or material palette, but about discovering what is unique about your preferences to form a tailored solution and quality aligning with your needs for living

Good design is a matter of balancing the essential in a deliberate thoughtful solution and the true test is time and how you feel in the space. I am devoted to taking you through the process from inception till you get to take the keys. My ultimate compliment is your delight


RYAN H. SINGER — born in Laguna Beach, California in august of 1973

I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Calpoly San Luis Obispo

My practice focuses around a triad of health + sustainability + design

I am forever grateful for the lifelong dialog on architecture I had with my father, Mark Singer



Please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your project with you